Project Trio comes to Orange County

Project Trio comes to Orange County!
Monday, April 7, 2014

Concert at 7:30pm
Tickets are $10 cash only

Clinic at 6:30pm (for all instruments)
Tickets are $5 cash only

The Orange County Flute Association, the Los Angeles Flute Guild and the Orange County School of the Arts
are proud to present beatboxing flute sensation, Greg Pattillo of PROJECT TRIO!

PROJECT Trio is a passionate, high energy chamber music ensemble comprised of three virtuosic composer/performers from Brooklyn, NY. Blending their classical training with an eclectic taste in musical styles, PROJECT Trio has made an impact on audiences of all ages. Bursting onto the scene with their landmark videos, right out of the internet generation, PROJECT Trio is a musical experience defining a new level of entertainment! PROJECT Trio is a musical experience not to be missed….

Margarent A. Webb Theater

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